Civil Engineering Department


Rated Among The Top Civil Engineering Colleges

The Department of Civil Engineering creates outstanding engineers with advanced teaching techniques and learning aids for the students. The department has highly qualified and dedicated faculties and experts who strive to produce competent professional who are abreast with the latest technology and are equipped with enterprising skills necessary for a designer and a site engineer.

Students are not only made experts in technical aspects but also in interpersonal skills, a vital ingredient to excel in the fast-paced world. Civil engineering is a discipline which plays a key role in society’s infrastructure, they are responsible for a wide range of structures, and aren’t just limited to buildings.

The mission of Civil department is to be a global centre of excellence in technical and professional education for graduating engineers and serve as a valuable resource to the nation. Truba Group of Institute among Top Civil Engineering Colleges in Bhopal MP.


To develop the department as a center of excellence in the mechanical engineering education and research.


To create a world-class National & Global “Technical Manpower”


To inculcate among students teamwork, leadership skills and good communication ability.


Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals.

Message From Head of Department 

We as a rig, fashion a great bridge out of the antiquated arc. This improvement will synchronously will aim at developing experimental and ratiocinative skills of a student. The bailiwick gives you a faculty that bestows scholarly knowledge at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

We provide you a team of dozen of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who will divulge foundation with specialization in structural engineering. This broad field involves scheduling design, creation upkeep and handling of edifice or public works. So, build up a great you which will serve to make known the splendor and genius of a nation.
We make such a civil engineer which plays a vital role in linking the concerns and mend eminence for life.

Prof. Rashmi Sakalle
(Head Of Department)

What we Develop Here with Students !!

  • Workshop on “Use of Auto generation techniques in the content writing” by Prof Nitin Tiwari for Civil Engineering faculty members.
  • Construction site visit for Pre final year student of TIEIT Bhopal at Tirupati Abhinav Homes.
  • Dam Site Visit at  Kerwa dam situated in Bhopal. to understand the basic principles of hydraulic Structure Designing concept .
  • Surveying camp at Samardha jungle camp  dist. Raisen MP coordinated by prof. Rajendra Rajdev.
  • Organized Inter college technical model competition named ‘SRIJAN-2018’ for Civil Engineering Students.
  •  Conducted Online Technical Quiz name Civil_Quiz-2018
  • 2 week Workshop on “Introduction to Structural Engineering” by IIT Kharagpur under IISTPE, from 1st January’16 to 11th January’16
  • 1 week workshop on STAAD PRO for from 1st August ’16 to 8 August’16
  • 2 weeks workshop on Auto Cad from 1st August 2016 to 14th August 2016
  • 3 days workshop on Micro soft project from 25th March’16 to 27th March’16
  • 10 days training on Total station from 22nd August’16 to 2nd Septembert’2016
  • 3 days workshop on advanced STADD Pro. from 22nd September’2015
  • 7 days workshop on STAAD PRO from 24th of July’15 to 1st August ‘2015
  • 14 days workshop on AutoCAD from 22nd july’2015 to 5th August’2015
  • Expert lecture by Prof. R.K. Shriastava from SGITS, Indore was delivered on Design of Hydraulic Structures to the students of civil engineering department and its importance of implementation and to fulfil its necessity for the reservoir planning and flood control methods.
  • Expert lecture on use of Internet of Things (IoT) and big data in Urban planning by Dr. Chetan Patel, Assistant professor, SVNIT, Surat.
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