Computer Labs

Presently, Microsoft is the king of cyber industry this information technology giant now in partnership with Truba Institute is helping the students to compete in the real world and realize their potential by enhancing their coding skills.

The focus given here is mainly on the practical approach of students so they can grasp knowledge in a faster and efficient way.

With a fleet of 60+ systems having 2.90 Ghz processor and supporting both Windows and Linux operating systems the lab is far ahead its rivals and one of its kind.

Center of Computing Lab has been established for Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology.

It is a research platform exploring the potential of crowd sourcing and Internet of Things for multidisciplinary research with more end-user interactions. It is an ideal setting to explore the opportunities the internet of things will provide.

It provides authorized training for the students and prepares students for careers in the expanding and evolving fields of mobile web and application development .A goal of the lab is to develop test-beds and experimental facilities, demonstrating the effects of ubiquitous technology.

As its name suggests the lab constantly works to help the student achieve excellence in his field.

The Centre of Excellence Lab consists of 60+ computers having Windows 10 and multiple IDEs to helpstudents code in a better way. The lab staff is very generous and has its own unique teaching methodologyto deliver knowledge precisely and effortlessly.

The time and again upgradation of labs is a key feature of Truba college which indicates professionalismand its future focused plans.