1-f transformer 230/200/110V, 1 KVA,1-f Variac(2), 3-f Variac (2), Voltmeter (5), Ammeter (11), Wattmeter, 0-5/10A, 0-150/300/600V, Analog Multimeter, Digital Multimeter, D.C. Shunt motor compound set, 1-f induction motor, 3-f, 2 H.P. induction motor with mechanical 4-P, 400V, Digital tachometer 6000RPM, Rheostat (5), Induction Box, D.C. Power supply Rectifier unit, o/p 220V DC, Capacitance Box, CRO 20MHZ.

Dual trace CRO with function generator, 20MHz Model HM-201, Function generator 1 MHz, Model ST-4060, Thevenins theorem kit, Norton theorem kit, Super position theorem kit, Kirchoffs Law, Max Power transistor theorem kit, Charging & discharging of capacitor, LCR Q-meter, Power supply PSD (2), Digital Multimeter, LCR Resonant circuit, Total Equipments Cost.

CRO,Function Generator,Power supply (0-30)V,Variac (1- f) 15A,LVDT kit, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Frequency meter, Rheostat,RTD & Thermistor, Wheatstone Bridge, Kelvin Double Bridge, Schering Bridge, Desauty Bridge, Maxwell Inductance & capacitance Bridge, Analog to Digital converter, Anderson Bridge, Energy meter, Potential Transformer, Power factor meter, Meggar, Multimeter, Wattmeter,LCR Q-meter, Tong tester.

1-Phase Induction Motor, 3- phase alternator, Generator + Auto Synchronous motor+ Exciter, 3- phase slip ring induction motor with mechanical loading, D.C. Shunt Motor +AC alternator, D.C. Series Motor with mechanical loading, Universal Motor, D.C. Compound Motor generator, Rheostat, Tachometer (Digital Type), Transformer, Used D.C. Generator (Series Type), Used D.C. Generator (Shunt Type), Used D.C. Generator (Shunt Compound Type), D.C. Motor starter, Induction Motor (Slip ring), Rectifier Unit,3 phase Variac, 1 phase Variac,Tong Tester, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Wattmeter, Frequency Meter, Power Factor meter, Megger.

High voltage breakdown tester, Instantaneous earth fault relay, Over/under voltage relay, Oil test set.

Bode plot demonstrator, Effect of feedback on D.C. Servo motor, CRO, Lag-lead network system, PID controller, Synchro kit, Time response of second order system.

D.C. Jones chopper, CRO (Digital), Forced commutation circuit, MOSFET kit, Digital multimeter, Single phase inverter with R & RL load, SCR kit, Single phase AC voltage controller, Single phase fully controlled bridge, Single phase cyclo-converter, Single phase Half controlled bridge, Voltmeter.

IBM thin Centre A-50 8175kΦZ Intel P-IV 2.6 GHz /128mb DDR RAM/ 40GB HDD /144MBFDD/Key Board /optical Mouse /15 colour Monitor /Intel 865GL Chip Set /10/100 mbps Ethenet cord COMPAQ 6211PN/1.9GHz/128MB RAM DDR/40GB HDD/1.44MB FDD/ 15 colour Monitor /Key Board/Optical Mouse/ Intel Mother Board.