Meet My Team TIEIT


Message From Head of Department 

It gives colossal delectation to steer the department of Computer Science and Information Technology. Our department is one of the premier sections unique like a prism reflecting the manifold shades of learning and co-curricular activities.Our very motto to inculcate the spirit of inquiry, faction work, modernization and professionalism among the apprentices.

We as a department endow acquaintance to incipient and futuristic know-hows.In unison we offer a range of flexible, stimulating and exciting undergraduate and post graduate programs. We play a crucial role in building one’s cerebral competency besides vocation.Here students are nurtured to become best software mavens or become entrepreneurs in their identifiable pioneering way. We comfy you all to the most furnishing unit with jovial grins.The department has a collaboration with leading training/research institutes, to share and augment novel and discerning knowledge to the scholars.

The expertise of faculties is broad. We hold firm belief in our knack to thrive, practice mortal tenets and show defiance of self-reliance. So, why gap come and join us and undertake your goalmouths with flying colors.

Prof. Amit Saxena
(Head Of Department)


Prof. Rashmi Sakalle
(Head Of Department)

Message From Head of Department 

We as a rig, fashion a great bridge out of the antiquated arc. This improvement will synchronously will aim at developing experimental and ratiocinative skills of a student. The bailiwick gives you a faculty that bestows scholarly knowledge at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

We provide you a team of dozen of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who will divulge foundation with specialization in structural engineering. This broad field involves scheduling design, creation upkeep and handling of edifice or public works. So, build up a great you which will serve to make known the splendor and genius of a nation.
We make such a civil engineer which plays a vital role in linking the concerns and mend eminence for life.


Message From Head of Department 

It takes prodigious glee to lead the EEE department. We at EEE department continue to transform the way we live- gazettes through sophisticated scientific and industrial technologies. We as faction emphasis on the extensive use of Power Electronics in modern Transmission Systems, Electric Drives, Power Systems and controls in engineering.

We ensure and foster automation through computers, experimental investigation and exposure to industrial problems. The yoke helps students sense practical value that will in unison decamp the graduates from limited shelf life. And I am certain that our department will frame up a “unique you”-and you will prove to be an invaluable asset to an organization forth this institution.

“We welcome passion, for the mind is briefly off duty”.

Sitting squarely in an EEE department, focal point is to deliver innovative, accurate solution to complex problems whilst affirming that solution execute consummately. Thus, we are sanguine our students will emerge as assets. We hereby successfully engage in wide spectrum courses with contemporary syllabi in under graduates and post under graduates .So, fabricate your passion and catch up the substantial picture.

Prof. Meha Shrivastava
(Associate Prof. & HOD)


Dr. Neelesh Gupta
(Head Of Department)

Message From Head of Department 

It is a matter of vanity and elation for me to chief the Electronics and Tele-communication department. Since its instigation, the crucial objective of the department has been to divulge quality procedural tutoring to the students with comprehensive emphasis on design facets of electronics and communication systems. Our department of ECE grooms the scholars to out rival in the field of technology with an outmoded and broad-based course which aims to produce well-rounded engineers with a high level of systematic and engineering enterprise aids. The department trains the under graduates in both software and hardware skills and rudimentary involvements.

We function students from highly technical and analytical design to broad industrial and controlling policy making restraint where technical competence is essential. We initiate such graduates who through their work, not only blaze new trails in research, but take that knowledge; insight gained and using it to become significant contributors.  We heir such a department that has family of students, staff, lab subordinates, lab operators to get actively involved and disruption the ice balls flanked by notional and practical slant.

So, I extend a word of welcome to you on behalf of the department and use your latent to achieve triumph.


Message From Head of Department 

It takes ecstasy to usher a department that “Builds machines that will build machines”. The hallucination of the department is to create centers of excellence in the field of manufacturing engineering and hastening entrepreneurship with value-based- edification litigation.

The role of a mechanical engineer is to take a product from an idea to the marketplace. In order to accomplish this, a broad range of skills are needed.

Our objective is not to merely produce professionals proficient to suffice their own needs but endeavor to avail the society.
We bring out peculiarity in them and devise machines that work with state-of-art-of-equipment.
We aim to provide graduates with global standards in the field of mechanics.
Our department has a team of qualified and experienced faculty and staff members and we are striving to conquer the present perforce of tactic and technology.

We at Truba offer high state of art infrastructure for projects and development for effective learning and research projects.

Dr. Namish Mehta
(Head Of Department)


Dr. Jeena Harjeet
(First Year Incharge)

Message From Head of Department 

Truba envisages to become a state-of-the-art department with high quality education and cutting edge interdisciplinary research in science. The department offers courses and program in Communication skills,Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and other resourceful subjects in order to nurture young minds towards scientific challenges.

First year B.Tech students are introduced to the world of science and engineering through programs that engage them in various activities under the effective guidance of the faculty. The Department of Basic Sciences caters for the analytic requirements of the B.Tech and M.Tech students.