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Summer Camp


You Are Invited To Truba Summer Camp

While the summer break is going to stem soon, lending children with long school off, kids couldn’t be more happier. Spending spare time in arts & architectures, crafts & creations, drawings & doodles and other array of activities, this is how our summer hours chisels through.

To Make the most of these hours, we bring to you TRUBA SUMMER CAMP, that encompasses over 20+ profound short term courses, compiled on specific need of each child.

Other than Dance, Music, & yoga activities, there are group of high-tech courses made available for children to hone their skills in variant spheres of technology.

Avail these courses and adorn yourself with great learning & fruitful experiences.

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Our Courses

Blogging / Web Designing

Begin Blogging and Web Designing using WordPress to setup your own blog & website easily within 10 days of workshop.

Content Writing

This workshop will not only develop artistic and creative ability in students but also enhances their technical ability with a wide range of understanding for photographic equipment and technology.

Game Development

Making games is a creative and technical art form. Get started with game designing & deployment and leverage an array of fame development techniques to create your won basic games.

Cyber Security

This workshop is specifically designed to provide the right knowledge to the aspiring Hacking and Cyber Security enthusiasts. We aim to give Technocrats a basic knowledge of hacking and how to protect their system against hazardous

Digital marketing

Learn the ins and outs of internet and social media marketing, including email marketing, SEO, Google Adverts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. This workshop will cover everything you need to successfully create and execute a digital marketing strategy.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic Design introduces students to the motion design with typography and animation fundamentals. This course will make students learn video effects up to video layering, all in 10 days span.

Graphic designing

The course is round up for giving newbies a basic overview of the interface and controls of Photoshop. Adding on to this, combining and layering images, building a promotional banner and saving for the web, will also be taught.

Basics of autocad

This course is designed for beginners so that even with no prior knowledge of AutoCAD the user can understand the lessons and apply the commands in their real life projects. Learn AutoCAD from scratch
to professional level in just 10 days.

communication skills

This workshop is designed to hone conversation & oratory skills in children with flair and confidence. Learn to be a better communicator by exploring different communication styles.


This workshop will not only develop artistic and creative ability in students but also enhances their technical ability with a wide range of understanding for photographic equipment and technology.


This course is formulated with all the essentials needed to begin playing acoustic or electric guitar through a combination of instrumental techniques and some basic music theory. 

Yoga / Meditation

Amidst din and hustle of the outside world, offer your mind and soul to retreat to solace. With this workshop, we provide an environment to burst the stress out and boost your zeal.

General Aptitude

The objective of this workshop is to provide students with ample competence for Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability & Data Interpretation so that they can learn, practice improve their skills to crack all types of interviews, placements & entrance test.


Rangoli is a traditional decorative folk art of India. This workshop entitles students to render out their creativity and explore all the types of  rangoli designs that our associated with our Indian culture. Be a part of this Art course to unlock your creative instinct.

Smart Electronic Model Designing

This workshop will include identification of electronic components & circuit testing with some hands on practice on electrical model for building better understanding of electronics. The objective of this workshop is to make students learn to design an efficient solution for the real-life problems. 



Starting from 1 May 2018, be a part of Truba Summer Camp. 


Karond – Gandhi Nagar By-Pass Road, Bhopal