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Electronics and Communication engineering is said to be the evergreen branch in terms of job opportunities as it is a blend of hardware as well as software field. No engineering branch can compete without knowledge of electronics. In fact 1/8 engineers from India are Electronics engineers. And still it is one of the preferred branch of engineering after CS and IT in most of the parts in India. Even the Digital India Program has prime Emphasis on increasing the E- connectivity of India using digital communication and Make In India Program emphasis on Increase in production of Electronic Devises n India  But due to lack of awareness, the question arises, what to do after graduation? Where I can Work? And how much I can Earn being an EC engineer.

Jobs for EC Engineers can widely be classified in Hardware And software.

Hardware jobs are in the field of Designing, Research, and production. Designing refers to Testing of electronics components which requires high skils in mathematics and electronics. Research refers to new product development like high-speed computing devices and sophisticated control systems. It requires a good knowledge in Maths, Electronics, control system and programming languages Production jobs are manufacturing of electronics components and maintenance of Electronic hardware in thermal power plants and oil refineries. It requires practical knowledge of circuit boards.

Software jobs are classified in three areas namely Testing, Embedded Coding and Solution Architecture. Testing is to check and verify logic and control of system hardware functionality. Embedded coding has set of commands to program embedded systems like chips. Solution architecture is designing logic, overall layout and production functionality of a device. So all the fields require a high set of knowledge on Logical thinking, Electronics, maths and programming language.

In India jobs for ECE Engineers is divided in three sectors, Public, Government and Private Sector.

In Public sector, BHEL, NTPC , IOCL, Bharat Petroleum has jobs in production. BEL, BSNL, BHEL and Indian railways has jobs in designing and research. It has same opportunities in hardware and software with salary ranging in 50-55K and the growth is linear.

The government sector has jobs in designing and research with equal opportunities in hardware and software. The major recruiters are ISRO, DRDO and BARC . the average salary range in this sector is 45K to 50K and growth is linear. It has also job opportunity as in EMI/EMC Test Engineer in regulatory test labs like ERDA and ULSGS.

The private sector has job in Design, Production and Research with same opportunities for hardware and software especially in automobile industry like Tesla Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Eicher Volvo etc. the salary structure varies between 20K to 70 K depending on the practical knowledge and growth is exponential. Jobs in hardware are in companies like Samsung, dell India, Nokia, LG and in software like TCS, Capgemini, Infosys, Wipro, Reliance Telecomm, Vodafone etc.

So the bottom line is, there are ample numbers of jobs for an ECE engineer provided he/she should have a good knowledge of the attest advancement in technology.


Author of the Article:

Prof.  Abhishek Agwekar 

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