Expert Talk on Microsoft Education Orientation

Microsoft Student Club at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, TIEIT has organized an Expert Talk on Microsoft Education Orientation on 15th October 2019.

The Speaker of the Session was Mr. Rahul Bhargava, Founder and Director, R DOT Ventures, Indore . R Dot Ventures is associated with Microsoft since last 4 Years.

During the Talk, the Speaker discussed about the various Microsoft Global Certifications like ‘Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)’, ‘Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)’, etc., their Benefits and their Importance in getting Better Career Growth.

He also gave an insight to ‘Microsoft Imagine Championship’, ‘Student Partnerships’, the Recent Developments and Areas in which Microsoft is currently working, like ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Cloud’, ‘Microsoft HOLO LENS’, ‘ONE NOTE’, ‘SWAY’, ‘OFFICE 365’ and others.

It was a Highly Interactive Session and the Students attended it with Enthusiasm. It was beneficial for Students as they understood the Need and Importance of Global Certifications.

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