Induction program 2018 at Truba

Whenever we start something new we are quite nervous and anxious about how successful our attempt will be. The same fear is in the hearts of newcomers in the institute and it is mandatory to erase this fear from them.
To achieve this Truba Group organised induction meet to help them adjust to the new environment and enhance their persona.
This comprised: A word from some seniors concerning hints and tips on surviving the first year. A hidden motive of the program was to develop a training plan with the trainer to outline how to complete the program within the set time frame. Mentors also discussed about sports and cultural events organised in college and guided students on how to perform well in extracurricular activities. Following this, lecture on Yoga and its benefits was also organised to make scholars health conscious.
A trip to the museum was held to make them aware of our pasts. Later, the group discussion was also held to build up self-confidence and generation of new ideas.Students responsibility towards society, the necessity of truthfulness, punctuality, and discipline for character building was a major subject that was worked upon in the GD.
Also, a session for personality development was organised to improve the character of the self and to attain the broad understanding of society and relationships.

Glimpse of Induction program 2018 at Truba, Bhopal

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