Milaap 2k17

The value of life depends on the amount of love we shared to this world.
To show love and affection we need to create a bonding by joining others in their
joy and sorrow. After all, we are the only social animal.

The day of 13th of October was marked as a memorable day for first year students of Truba Group of Institute.

This was their first time when they first met a pack of wonderful colleagues and the
staff members. The Milaap 2K17 saw a huge crowd, all filled with joy and love.
The event started with some miraculous performances including solo and group shows of
vocalists and guitarists. Then the stage was taken up by the dancers capable to rock
the world with their bold steps.

The air of the event was truly mystifying by the time. Moreover, an awesome skit play
was also enacted by the fillers. A short relaxing break was taken with delicious
snack dish Chhole Kulche and Rasgulla followed by the oath taking ceremony.
And then…. the most awaited and suspenseful event was held. Judging the contestants
on both their mental and physical qualities Mr. and Ms. Fresher 2k17 were declared namely.
The whole event was extremely impressive and was one of the best and thrilling functions
students have ever attended.

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