MOZILLA Addons & Plugins Workshop

The Mozilla Campus Club Of Truba Groups organized a workshop-seminar on “Add-Ons Development”
at Truba Institute of Engineering and Information Technology on 18th September 2017. Robin Koshy (Mozilla Representative), Mukesh Pathak (Mozilla Representative) and Sahil Khan (Club Captain of L.N.C.T Campus Bhopal) were the guest speakers of the session. All the speakers are part of Mozilla family and have tremendous knowledge about the browser and technologies.

They first introduced students to the Mozilla company, mentioned the points that weren’t known to
everyone, then proceeded with talking about the add-on, what is it, how one can build it, and also helped
them to build one by themselves.

Students had an interactive session, and the practical workshop along with the seminar made them more active throughout the session. While working on the add-on, some of them faced problems, some had doubts, and the speakers did well enough to make students catch each bit of the topic.

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