Neeraj Sharma

Assistant Professor



B.Tech, (Hons.)

Teaching Experience

+07 -years


  • Attended MPCST Sponsored workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights” organized by S.V. Polytechnic College, Bhopal.
  • Attended Two-day ISTE workshop on “Aakash for Education conducted by IIT Bombay at TIEIT Bhopal.
  • Attended the FDP program on HADOOP In RGTU in the month of Feb-2017
  • Attended training program on “Object-Oriented Analysis and Design using UML with essentials of Rational Software Architect conducted at TIEIT, Bhopal.
  •   Neeraj Sharma, Mohammad Arshad, Anurag Jain “ A New method to   prevent SQLIA’s using attribute removal technique ” Proceedings of 3rd International   Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Technology  (ICRTET’2014) Published by Elsevier Science & Technology.
  •  Neeraj Sharma, Mohammad Arshad, Anurag Jain “Web Application vulnerabilities Monitoring & Avoiding Techniques” International Journal of Advanced Research in computer science “Volume 4, No.8, May June 2013.