Programme Outcomes (POs)

Pharmacy Knowledge: The Pharmacy graduate shall be able to apply his skill and techniques of various aspects of Pharmaceutical Sciences like Manufacturing, Community Pharmacy, Drug Design, and Pharmaceutical Management.
Thinking Abilities: The Pharmacy graduate shall be able to make decisions based on his self-learning through analytical reasoning, critical thinking abilities and able to make him retrieve his knowledge for day to day problem solving.
Planning Abilities:The Pharmacy graduate shall be an effective planner in terms of time and resources management to perform his duties on time. He shall be able to work in a team with proper goals in any capacity.
Leadership skills:The Pharmacy graduate shall develop and possess qualities that enable him to lead a team, and also develop himself as Pharmacy professional who demonstrate his professional and social responsibility.
Professional Identity:The Pharmacy graduate shall understand, analyze and evaluate their professional roles in society through consideration of historical, geographical, social, economic and political issues.
The Pharmacist and society:The Pharmacy graduate shall be able to apply knowledge of the medicine, rational use of herbal supplements and the hazards of poisonous natural products.
Environment and sustainability: The Pharmacy graduate shall apply his learning for the day to day health related problems of human being with a compassion for environment and its sustainability.
Ethics: The Pharmacy graduate shall be able to display legal, moral, ethical attitude and consistent behavior with the standards of Pharmacy profession.
Communication: The Pharmacy graduate shall be able to see the individuality and relate it to the Pharmaceutical Jurisprudential principles while making tough decisions.The Pharmacy graduate shall communicate effectively with the Pharmacy community as well as with society.
Modern Tool usage: The Pharmacy graduate shall be able to apply basic knowledge to discover new chemical entity through use of modern tools for treatment of newer diseases and in patient care by optimal drug choice and dosage through effective communication with health care provider.
Life-long learning:The Pharmacy graduate shall understand the importance of continuous learning in purview of day to day technological advancements through introspection and feedback from others.

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