Rashmi Sakalle

Head of Department & Coordinator (Academic Council) - Civil Department

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M.Tech (Hons.) , B.E. (Hons)

Teaching Experience

21 years





Prof Rashmi Sakalle is an eminent scholar, teacher, researcher and administrator. She is currently associated with the TRUBA Group in Dual Capacity Coordinator, Academic Council & HoD, Department of Civil Engineering. She has over 21 years of experience in teaching and research. While she has been a passionate and caring teacher, as an administrator she has been firmly result-oriented with a steady vision. Her hard work and dedication have always empowered her proficiency in different subjects of Civil Engineering. She has a rich exposure of various softwares like Staad Pro, AutoCAD etc used for  Design & Analysis and  Latest Trends in construction Technologies  in the field of Civil Engineering. Her innovative approach and administrative skills has empowered her with a diverse and innovative approach as an academic leader. She is a strong believer of “teaching the skills and not the subject” which involves experiential learning strategies that foster critical thinking. During her tenure so far she had very efficiently and effectively spearheaded the Department of Civil  Engineering in the institution since 2001.

  • Construction Materials and Techniques,
  • Strength of Material,
  • foundation engineering,
  • Engineering Mechanics,
  • Surveying. 
  • Winner of “ Sis-Tech CII- GURU” award for Best Faculty in the faculty of Civil Engineering in the year 2016 and runners up in the year 2017.
  • Facilitation by  SRIJAN -2014
  • Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
    1. Analysis Of A Multistorey Building Frame For Lateral Forces At Sloping Strata Under The Effect Seismic Forces Using Staad.Pro – IJSERT ( UGC Approved) 6(9), 631-647 September 2017 /Deependra Singh Raghuvanshi, Prof. Rashmi Sakalle , Dr. Rajeev Arya, . 
    2. Dynamic Analysis Of A Tall Structure Under Seismic Zone Considering Different Sloping Ground Conditions – IJRASET March 2017/ Deependra Singh Raghuvanshi , Prof Rashmi Sakalle
    3. Comparative Study Of Tall Structure with And Without X-bracings And Shear Links Of Different MaterialIJESRT Vol. 5, Issue 09, 2017, Yogesh Babulkar/ Rajeev Arya /Prof. Rashmi Sakalle
    4. Comparative Analysis Of A Building Frame Considering Bracings With hear Links Under Seismic Zone IV- International Journal of Mechanical And Production Engineering, Volume- 5, Issue-11, Nov.-2017 International Conference /Yogesh Babulkar/ Dr. Rajeev Arya /Prof. Rashmi Sakalle
    5. Effect of slab stiffness on structural behaviour of L shaped plan build IJSERT ( UGC Approved) November 2017:Ms Shalini Tripathi, Prof. Rashmi Sakalle.
    6. Comparative analysis of mid-rise shape building frame with without rigid slab to determine cost effective unsymmetric building frame , International Conference and International Journal of Mechanical And Production Engineering, Volume- 5, Issue-11, Nov.-2017, Ms Shalini Tripathi, Prof. Rashmi Sakalle.
    7. Analysis Of A High Rise Structure With Diagrid At Periphery Under Seismic Intensity:International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology” (IJESRT) SEPTEMBER 2017: Avnish Rai, Rashmi Sakalle.
    8. Cost Analysis And Comparison Of A Composite Diagrid Frame With Bare Frame Under Dynamic Loading International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) DECEMBER 2017 Avnish Rai, Rashmi Sakalle.
    9. Study of Cellular Light Weight Concrete  IJSRD – International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 4, Issue 07, 2016 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613/ Rashmi and Rajvardhan
    10. Study of the Relation between Properties of Cellular Light Weight Concrete, IJSRD – International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 4, Issue 07, 2016 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613 / Rashmi and Rajvardhan
    11. Evolution of Properties of Pavers Blocks Using Nylon Fiber Fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash for Medium Traffic, IJSRD –,International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 3, Issue 10, 2015 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613/ Barun & Rashmi
    12. Re-strengthening of a R.C Structure by Using Steel Jacketing Technique, ,ISSN: 2321–7529(Online) | ISSN:2321–7510 (Print) International Journal of Research & Technology, Volume 4, Issue 2_June_2016 , www.ijrt.org/ Avinash and Rashmi
    13. Rehabilitation of a Beam & Column in R.C Structures by Using Steel Jacketing Technique, International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering Research ISSN 2348-7607 (Online) 4, Issue 1, pp: (291-311), Month: April 2016 – September 2016, Available at: www.researchpublish.com // Avinash and Rashmi
    14. Utilization of Different Waste in Concrete, IJSRD ,International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 3, Issue 07, 2015 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613/ Rashmi & Anoop
    15. Evolution of Properties of Paver Blocks as per IS 15658 : 2006 using Rice Husk Ash and Nylon Fiber,IJSRD – International Journal for Scientific Research & Development| Vol. 3, Issue 10, 2015 | ISSN (online): 2321-0613, Barun & Rashmi
    16. SEISMIC ANALYSIS OF MULTI-STOREY R.C. STRUCTURE USING BRACING SYSTEM AND FLOOR DIAPHRAGM, International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology ( I2OR), ISSN: 2277-9655, December, 2015, Publication Impact Factor: 3.785 http: // www.ijesrt.com , Rahul Chourasiya, Rashmi Sakalle
    17. Seismic Analysis of Unsymmetrical (G+10) Multi-Storey Rc Building With Two Soft Storey at Varying Floors for Different Soil Conditions, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Website: www.ijetae.com (ISSN 2250-2459, ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal, Volume 5, Issue 11, November 2015)/ Shivani Pyasi1, Rashmi Sakalle2, Nita Rajvaidya2
    18. Linear Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of the Columns of An Unsymmetrical Plane Frame Under Seismic Loading, IJSTE – International Journal of Science Technology & Engineering | Volume 2 | Issue 4 | October 2015/ ISSN (online): 2349-784X/ www.ijste.org /Ankur Acharya. and Rashmi
    19. Seismic Evaluation Of Multi-Storey R.C. Structure Using Different Floor DiaphragmsInternational Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: 2395-0056, Volume: 02 Issue: 09 | Dec-2015 / www.irjet.net p-ISSN: 2395-0072© 2015, IRJET ISO 9001:2008 Certified Journal Page 641./ Rahul Chourasiya, Rashmi Sakalle
    20. Linear Soil-Structure-Interaction Effect on the Columns of an Unsymmetrical Plane Frame for Different Types of SoilIJLTEMAS Volume IV, Issue XI, November 2015 ISSN 2278 – 2540, www.ijltemas.in Page 48 / and Rashmi
    1. Presented a paper entitled “ The Lessons Of Sustainability From Vernacular Architecture Of India In The Conext Of Green Building In India”  in the National Conference on “Latest Trends in Civil Engineering” held on Aug 2013 at LNCT, Bhopal.
    2. Exploring the Concept of Sustainability in Life Span Of Building.” In first India International Energy Summit 2011 at VIT Nagpur.
    3. Energy Efficient Heritage Buildings- learning lessons from the past” In first India International Energy Summit 2011 at VIT Nagpur.
    4. “ Ground water Recharge: Process and need ” in SRUJAN 09, National seminar held at IPS-IES Indore on 9th and 10th October 2009.

     Expert lecture/others – Invited to act as Trainer in “Palak Shikshak Sangh Prashikshan” program, from 27th – 29th , Dec 2006 and 02nd -04th  Jan 2007 organized by Resource Centre for Adult and Continuing Education,(M.P.), Bhopal

    1. Attended a FDP on “SUSTAINABLE SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT” from 2nd  April, 2018 — 6th  April, 2018 , at UIT –RGPV, BHOPAL
    2. Attended a FDP on “SEISMIC VULNERABILITY “from 27th  Nov, 2017 — 2nd Dec, 2017, at UIT –RGPV, BHOPAL.
    3. Attended a seminar on “ROAD SAFETY AND CYBER CRIME”  on  9th Jan, 2018, at UIT –RGPV, BHOPAL
    4. Attended a FDP on “GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING: PRACTICES & ADVANCEMENTS” from 28th  April, 2014 — 3rd May, 2014, at UIT –RGPV, BHOPAL.
    5. Attended a SDP on “ECONOMY IN SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION” from 25th June, 2013 — 29th June, 2013, at SATI, Vidisha.
    6. Attended an AICTE sponsered Workshop on”Integrated Water Resorce Planning and Management”, from 17th – 18th , May 2013
    7. Attended an AICTE sponsered SDP on “Advances in Civil Engineering”, from 17th-31st may 2012, at Lnct, Bhopal.
    8. Participated in the workshop “WIPRO -MISSION 10X”, conducted at TIEIT, Bhopal from 19th to 23rd july 2010.
    9. Participated in “Training Workshop on Water Conservation Techniques”, organised by Indian Science Congress Association, Bhopal & MPCST,at MotilalVigyan Mahavidyalaya, Bhopal on 28th -30th May 2010
    10. Attended a Training Programe on “Applications of Remote Sensing and GIS” held on28th and 29th Aug 2009, at LNCT, Bhopal.
    11. Attended a MHRD-AICTE sponsered SDP on “Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing ” from 21st  to 31st July 2008 at MANIT, Bhopal
    12. Attended an SDP on “Structure steel Design for University Faculty” from 26th Nov – 01st Dec 2007,organised by Institute for Steel Developmentand Growth, Kolkata and MANIT at MANIT, Bhopal.
    13. Attended a National Confrence on “Energy form Biomass” held on March 11 – 12, 2005 at LNCT, Bhopal,
    14. Attend a National Seminar on “Modern trends in the Automation, Spring Equinox- 2k5”,  19th– 20th , March 2005, at TIEIT Bhopal.
    15. Attended an AICTE-ISTE sponsered SDP on “Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development ” from 16th  – 28th June 2003, at MANIT, Bhopal.
    16. Attended an AICTE-ISTE sponsered SDP on “Renewable Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development ” from 31st Mar – 4th Apr 2003, at MANIT, Bhopal.
    17. Attended a National Seminar on “Modern Trends in the Emerging fields of Technical education ” Ishaanyah 2K3, 28th  – 29th  March 2003
    1. Coordinated the Technical annual fest in Truba Group of institutes  in the year 2016, and co coordinated in the year 2018,2017,2015.
    2. Organised “Innovative Model Presentation competitionfor Civil Engineering”- Srujan-2015,2016,2017, 2018.
    3. Two weeks Training Program for Autodesk certified Autocad Training. held from 16th -30thOct 2013 by Civil Engg. Society of Truba and Dept of CE.
    4. One week Training /workshop “Bantley certified Training program on STAADPRO-V8i software” on Structure Design software, held from 16th -30th Oct 2013  by Civil Engg. Society of Truba and Dept of CE.
    5. A two week workshop “Bantley certified Training program on STAADPRO-v8i software” on Structure Design software held from 16th -30th Oct 2013 by Civil Engg. Society of Truba and IIPC, Truba..
    6. A two-day National workshop on “Applications and Advances of Geo-Informatics in Civil Engineering” in association with M.P. Council of Science & Technology (MPCST), Bhopal, on 18th-19th, January 2013.
    7. Seminar on “Automation in Water and Wastewater management Technology”, jointly organized by CE, ME and EX Dept.on 25th and 26th Nov 2010 in association with Industry Automation and Control Solutions.
    8. A two-week workshop on “Autocad Training For Budding Civil Engineers” from 10th to 22nd  july 2009.
    9. A five day workshop “Entrepreneurship Training Programme For Budding Civil Engineers”, from 23rd to 27th  Mar 2009, in association with wih EDC, Truba, Bhopal
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