Saksham Cyclothon 2k17

PCRA & GAIL Ltd, Truba Bhopal want to change this perception by creating awareness of cycling as cycling is best exercise to cure several diseases and a bigger way to reduce CO2 emissions and hereby maintain a clean and green environment.

The idea behind organizing this event is to present a platform to the people where they can show their concern for mother nature by having a break from their hectic lives.

“Cyclothon” is a :
1) A wholesome and vibrant means of interaction, networking and budding relations.
2) A platform to enchance their skills along with their buddy away from their busy life.
3) An informal causal and filled symposium for the family.

OVER 850 Cyclists participated in “SAKSHAM CYCLOTHON ” ORGANISED on Sunday morning to raise wareness about Fuel Conservation & Encourage people to use public transport & non mechanised mode of transport mainly Cycling .The Cyclothon was organised by PCRA ,GAIL in association with TRUBA GROUP OF INSTITUTES ,BHOPAL.

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