Santosh Shakya

Asst. Professor

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B.E.(CS), M.Tech.(CS)

Teaching Experience

10 Years


 02 International & 01 National Papers


Prof. Santosh Shakya has over 10 years of teaching experience. He joined TRUBA Institute of Engineering and Information Technology in 2016 and presently working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He has completed B. E. in Computer Science and Engineering from SATI, Vidisha in 2007 and acquired M. Tech. from BUIT, Bhopal in 2013 with specialization in Computer Science and Engineering. He was a recipient of SRIJAN award for DATA STRUCTURE 2 in 2018. He has 04 Research Papers published in international journals to his credit.

  • Data Structure
  • Computer Graphics and multimedia 
  • Wireless network
  • Soft computing
  • Data mining 
  • (1) Attend 8 days “Mission 10X” workshop in Bhopal Institute of Technology and Management College Bhopal in 2012.
  • (2) Received SRIJAN award for best university result of DATA STRUCTURE II in 2018.
  • (3) Worked as a Expert Lecturer for 6 months in Diploma course which is conducted by “MHRD”  under the Guidance of “J.S.Chouhan, Director,  SATI, VIDISHA”.

[1] Shakya Santosh , Gopal Patidar,Susheel Gupta “Improved Apriori Algorithm for Web Log Data”, “International conference organized by Bansal college bhopal with IEEE in 2017.”    

[2] Shakya Santosh, Singh Divakar, Singh Anju, “A Time efficient algorithm for web log analysis”, International journal of computer application, August 2013.

[3] Shakya Santosh, Singh Divakar, Singh Anju, “A Survey on Hash based A-priori Algorithm for Web Log Analysis”, International journal of computer application, August 2013. 

[4] Shakya Santosh , Gopal Patidar “A Performance based Multi-relational Data Mining Technique”, “International Juuranal of Advanced Research in computer Science Nov-Dec 2010”.

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