Electronics and Communication Engineering

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The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering work on the mission of “imparting quality education” and on the fundamental principle of creating technological excellence ability in the students and to inculcate professional, social and ethical values. The department of EC is one of the most advanced departments in the institution. The experienced faculty brings state-of-the-art research, development, and design experience into the classroom, ensuring that the students are able to apply for registration as professional engineers in all part of global engineering and the scientific community.

The Department has state of art the laboratories including Communication Lab. Antenna and Microwave Lab, VLSI Lab, Microelectronics Lab, Basic electrical engineering Lab equipped with hardware and software meeting the latest curriculum of RGPV, Bhopal. Modern devices and gadgets including spectrum analyzers, DSOs LAN Trainers make the institute a primer in the vicinity of Bhopal. Moreover, the department offers the amenities of EDUSATand EKLAVYA Technologies channel for consistent upgradation of faculty as well as students..


To create Engineers Par Excellence. Provide the industry with creative and innovative performers.


Creating a strong research environment and training them to become expert contributors in E&C field.


Able to pinpoint and define engineering problems in the fields of electronics and Communication engineering.


An ability to design and conduct experiments, and to analyze and interpret gathered and collected data.

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Prof. Meha Shrivastava

Head of Department

Message from head of depArtment

It is a matter of vanity and elation for me to the chief the Electronics and Telecommunication department. Since its instigation, the crucial objective of the department has been to divulge quality procedural tutoring to the students with the comprehensive emphasis on design facets of electronics and communication systems. Our department of ECE grooms the scholars to out the rival in the field of technology with an outmoded and broad-based course which aims to produce well-rounded engineers with a high level of system and engineering enterprise aids. The department trains the undergraduates in both software and hardware skills and rudimentary involvements.

We function students from highly technical and analytical design to broad industrial and controlling policy making restraint where technical competence is essential. We initiate such graduates who through their work, not only blaze new trails in research but take that knowledge; insight gained and using it to become significant contributors.  We heir such a department that has the family of students, staff, lab subordinates, lab operators to get actively involved and disrupt the ice balls flanked by notional and practical slant.