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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established with an aim of developing core competence in Information Technology and preparing students to carry out development work, as well as take up challenges in research . All-pervading nature of technology is culminated with huge demand for education in the specified domain. The steady rise in the number of students opting to specialize in this field is a testimony of the opportunities that the professionals are getting in recent times. The vibrant faculty members of the department possess demonstrated expertise in many areas and flair for teaching different course to provide the student with the foundations of the discipline as well as the opportunity for specialization. Core courses include Programming Languages, Data Structure and Algorithms, Digital Systems, Operating System, DBMS, Computer Architecture, Software Engineering and Project Management, Compiler Design, Networking Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Department was also awarded as Top Computer Science Engineering College in Bhopal MP.


The Vision of Department is to be recognized as the “Center-of-Excellence” for Education & Research in the field of Computer Science & Engineering in India. Its main purpose is to create engineers with full of technical skills and experiences.



To Build successful and well-skilled engineers with personal as well as professional responsibilities to uplift the research in the field of Computer Science & Engineering.


The Computer Science Department is to be recognized as the Center-of-Excellence for Education & Research in the field of Computer Science & Engineering in India.



An ability to design and conduct experiments, to analyze and interpret gathered and collected data. An ability to function individually as well as part of a team.


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Prof. Amit Saxena
Head of Department

Message from Head of Department

It gives colossal delectation to steer the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. Our department is one of the premier sections unique like a prism reflecting the manifold shades of learning and co-curricular activities. Our goal is to inculcate the spirit of pursuit, faction work, modernization and professionalism among the apprentices.
We as a department endow acquaintance to incipient and futuristic know-how. In unison, we offer a range of flexible, stimulating and exciting undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We play a crucial role in building one’s cerebral competency besides vocation. Here, students are nurtured to become best software mavens or become entrepreneurs in their identifiable pioneering way. We comfy you all to the most furnishing unit with jovial grins.

Our Associations

Red Hat Academy

The first RED HAT Academy in Madhya Pradesh is established at TRUBA, Bhopal. RED HAT Academy is an Academic Association between RED HAT and Academic Institutions to “Bridge the Gap between Education and Industry”. It turns Academic Institutions into Centers for Enterprise – Ready Talent by outfitting them with RED HAT Trainings and Certifications. It is an Academic Training Program designed to help Institutions differentiate themselves by providing an Enterprise – Ready LINUX and Open Source Curriculum. Member Institutions receive Support, Robust LAB Environments and Comprehensive, Printed, Digital or Online Study Material. Students can utilize the above stated Benefits, develop the In – Demand Skills that Employers require and receive Discounts on Certification Examination Fees.

Oracle WDP

ORACLE Workforce Development Program (WDP) enables Academic Institutions and Workforce Development Centers to provide official ORACLE Technology and ORACLE Cloud Training and Certifications to Students. Through WDP, Students can prepare themselves thoroughly for ORACLE Certifications that enhances their Credibility in a Low Risk and Cost Effective manner. Students associated with ORACLE WDP get reduction in Certification Examination Fees. This will help them to start their Career in a better manner and can lead to better Career Growth.

MSDN Academy Allaince

It is an association between an Academic Institution and Microsoft that enables Students, Faculty Members and Staff Members of the Institute to learn and use Microsoft Applications to optimize operations. It is an annual association between Institute and Microsoft that has to be renewed every year.It enables Academic Institutes to obtain Proprietary Microsoft Tools, Products, Platforms and Servers for Instructional and Research purposes that are not available for use under Open Source License. The goal of MSDN Academic Alliance is to build a community of Instructors to share Curriculum and Learning Resources to enable others to use the Recent Technologies.

Imagine Academy

It is an association between an Institute and Microsoft. Microsoft Imagine Academy gives Students and Educators the Curricula and Certifications they need to succeed in a Tech – Driven Economy. The goal of Microsoft Imagine Academy is “Providing the Technology Skills and Certifications Students need to Succeed”. Domains offered for Certifications under Imagine Academy include Computer Science, IT Infrastructure, Data Science and Productivity. Computer Science incorporate Courses on Coding Skills including different Tools and Technologies. IT Infrastructure covers Administration and Cloud. It enables Teachers to acquire Technology Skills and help Students succeed through Employability and Industry Certification.

AWS Academy

AWS Academy is an association between Amazon and Academic Institution to bridge the Gap between Industry and Academia. It empowers Education Institutes to prepare Students for Industry – Recognized Certifications and Careers in the area of Cloud. AWS Academy offers a Free, Ready – To – Teach Cloud Computing Curriculum that prepare Students to pursue Industry – Recognized Certifications and In – Demand Cloud Jobs. It helps Educators to stay at the Forefront of the AWS Cloud Innovation, so that they can equip Students with the Skills they need to get hired on one of the fastest growing Industries.

Our Labs

Advanced Microsoft Technologies Lab​

Advanced Microsoft Technologies LAB of Department of Computer Science and Engineering is equipped with 60 Workstations with most recent and high configurations and computational capabilities. These Workstations are mainly used by the Students for the Learning of recent Microsoft Technologies like Visual Studio. After Learning, the Students will be going to Design and Develop the Applications and Games on these Systems based on Visual Studio using C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, UNITY Framework, Applications involving Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, DCOM, etc.

Oracle WDP Lab

Oracle is the most widespread, oldest and commonly used Data Base Management System. Oracle WDP (Workforce Development Program) LAB in Department of Computer Science and Engineering is equipped with 60 Workstations having the most recent configuration with high computation capabilities. This LAB is mainly used for providing Training on Oracle 12c. Apart from this, the LAB is being used by Students for learning SQL, PL / SQL, etc. Data Base Management System is one of the Core Area of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It is necessary for each and every Student of the Department to get a deep insight in this Area. These are the major scenarios for using this LAB.

Center of Excellence (COE) Lab

Center of Excellence (COE) LAB of Department of Computer Science and Engineering is equipped with 60 high configured Workstations with high computational capabilities. Students of the Department learn JAVA and PYTHON in this LAB and implement Programs. This LAB is basically used for Learning and implementation Technologies including Core JAVA, OOP in JAVA, Problem Solving in JAVA, Servlet and JSP, JDBC, RMI, PYTHON, etc.

RED HAT Academy Lab

RED HAT ACADEMY LAB in Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in order to provide Knowledge to Students about the most widespread and commonly used Open Source Operating System LINUX. As far as Servers and Data Centers are concerned, LINUX and its variants or flavors like UBUNTU, FEDORA, RED HAT, etc. are the most commonly used Platforms or Operating Systems for providing Services, Resources or Data to Clients.In this LAB, Students learn about the various concepts of LINUX from fundamentals like Commands to advance concepts like implementation of Samba Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server, etc.

IT Lab I

This LAB is equipped with 30 Workstations, each with Core I3 Processor and Internet Facility. This is one of the primary LAB in which the Buddy Technocrats start understanding the fundamental concepts of Computers, Computing Domain and Programming Paradigm.This LAB is basically used for teaching Programming Languages like C and C++. Apart from this, Practical Implementations of Core Subjects like Operating Systems, Data Structures, etc. are also being carried out in this LAB.


This is another primary LAB in which the Students learn about the fundamental concepts of Algorithms Design. This LAB is also equipped with 30 Workstations, each with Core I3 Processor and Internet Facility. It is being used for Implementation of Practicals related to Subjects like Basic Computer Engineering, Algorithm Analysis and Design, Problem Solving, etc.Most of the Practicals carried out in this LAB improve the Technical Competency and Logical Ability of Students. It can also being used for teaching Programming Languages like C and C++.

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