Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engg.

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The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering was established in 2001. The main aim of Electrical and Electronics department is to produce engineers with a dynamic, all rounded personality adaptable to ever increasing demands of emerging technologies involving analytical and practical skills. Electrical engineers create systems to provide power for homes and industry, the physical parts that transfer information between computers, and also the smart miniature devices we now have throughout the modern world. There is a significant overlap with both the Computer Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering especially relating to smart devices and programming, but Electrical and Electronics Engineers have a stronger focus on making things happen in the physical world compared to Computer Engineers, and a stronger focus on electrical power, digital data, and micro-devices than Mechatronics Engineers. The department is working in the direction of becoming a renowned academic center of learning in the discipline of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to establish research and development center of repute so as to encourage active participation with industry by staff and students to take on practical problems of industry and to provide feasible solutions, to bring out skilled and disciplined graduates by imparting quality education in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Truba is among the Top Electrical Engineering Colleges in MP.


The Vision of Department is to be recognized as the “Center-of-Excellence” for Education & Research in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in India. Its main purpose is to create engineers with full of technical skills and experiences.



To Build successful and well-skilled engineers with personal as well as professional responsibilities to uplift the research in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.


The Computer Science Department is to be recognized as the Center-of-Excellence for Education & Research in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in India.



An ability to design and conduct experiments, to analyze and interpret gathered and collected data. An ability to function individually as well as part of a team.


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Dr. Ashwani Tapde
Head of Department

Message from Head of Department

It takes prodigious glee to lead the EX Department. We at EX department continue to transform the way we live- gazettes through sophisticated scientific and industrial technologies. We as faction emphasis on the extensive use of Power Electronics in modern Transmission Systems, Electric Drives, Power Systems and controls in engineering. We ensure and foster automation through computers, experimental investigation and exposure to industrial problems. The yoke helps students sense practical value that will unison decamp the graduates from limited shelf life and I am certain that our department will frame up a “unique you” and you will prove to be an invaluable asset to an organization forth this institution. “We welcome passion, for the mind is briefly off duty”. Sitting squarely in an EX department, focal point is to deliver innovative, accurate solution to complex problems whilst affirming that solution execute consummately. Thus, we are sanguine our students will emerge as assets. We hereby successfully engage in wide spectrum courses with contemporary syllabi in under graduates and post under graduates .So, fabricate your passion and catch up the substantial picture.

Our Labs

Electrical Machine Lab
Electrical Workshop
Control System Lab
Power System Lab
Power Electronics Lab
Electric Drives Lab
Project Lab
Simulation Lab

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